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About Our Studio

Founded in 1981, Metrographics is a vibrant combination of artistic vision and communications savvy.


Metro’s distinctiveness comes from a seamless blend of graphic design and fine art. We are an award-winning, one-stop, full service design and production studio, specializing in all aspects of print and related advertising media.


Our founder and creative director, Doug, also brings as many years of fine art sensibility and skills to the design process. Harnessing Doug’s extensive experiences as a painter, Metro provides brand management and creative solutions to our design clients that are truly one of a kind.

Our Team

We work with trusted suppliers from across North America. 

Doug Driediger

Creative Director, Partner


Doug has an awarded career in graphic design and fine art. He leads Metro in creating, designing, writing, illustrating and painting.

John Twaddle

Project Manager, Partner


With a background in communications, John is responsible for all things tactical: imagineering, resource procurement and functional design.

Roxanne Taylor

Graphic Designer


Roxanne is a visual artist and designer with experience working in arts administration. She assists the team with writing, design, and painting.

Metro has key suppliers in all disciplines (print, web, broadcast), as well as access to wider teams of designers, writers, researchers, photographers, sculptors, web developers, architects, engineers and more.

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